DeFi Alliance

The DA was founded in March 2020 by a team of crypto veterans in partnership with top tier trading and venture firms. We saw the promise that DeFi held very early. We started by mentoring DeFi protocols and helping them partner with liquidity providers and market makers. Ecosystems saw the premise of the DeFi Alliance and started supporting our founders. In Q2/2021 Coinbase joined the DeFi Alliance ahead of its public listing. Since then the DeFi Alliance has grown exponentially. In Q3/2021 we experimented with expanding our scope to include games. The success of this cohort, DAA6, was the spark for our migration to a fully fledged Web 3 accelerator. Today we've built the most founder-friendly Web3 network. We're humbled by the quality and enthusiasm of builders that joined our movement. They support each other every day. And they're building technology that will impact the lives of billions of people.

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