Cryptos: 12,944
Exchanges: 221
Dominance: BTC: 38.71% ETH: 16.56%
ETH Gas: 5 Gwei
  • Low: 4 Gwei
  • Average: 5 Gwei
  • High: 6 Gwei
  • Data from Etherscan.
24H Spot Vol.: $79,825,227,185.99
24H Derivatives Vol.: $106,715,742,385.44
Global Open Interest: $42,494,313,095.49
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SkyVision Capital

SkyVision Capital (SVC) was founded with the mission to accelerate new, open decentralized technology and its development. ​We are a Venture Capital Fund that is dedicated to incubating and investing in founders of tomorrow, today.

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