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About WGR Roadmap & Milestones
#Introduction to Wagerr (WGR) Wagerr (WGR) is a blockchain based sports forecasting system that uses Oracle Masternodes as consensus agents to forge prediction contracts, retrieve sporting event outcomes, and consensually validate them to trigger automated payouts. WGR incentivizes Oracle Masternode operation by multiple mechanisms that stabilize and enhance the WGR economy: Oracles earn fees for maintaining network security and validating disposition of prediction contracts; Oracles earn a portion of prediction fees; and Oracles benefit from the structural mechanisms that balance coin value by dynamically adjusting coin supply based on coin price and prediction contract volume. The ¡°value coupling¡± mechanism that stabilizes and enhances WGR value is the systematic destruction of nearly half of all prediction contract fees, which mitigates coin supply proportionally to prediction contract volume. #Mission WGR aims to provide a blockchain-based service that mitigates many of the pitfalls and dangers associated with traditional centralized sport betting. WGR¡¯s decentralized blockchain technology is self-regulating. Since WGR does not collect participant information, WGR does not subject participants to risk of regulatory enforcement. Potential users can freely choose to participate according to local regulations and laws and the dictates of their conscience. Participants can count on the blockchain to pay out winning contracts automatically eliminating the risks associated with traditional sportsbooks (traditional bookkeepers might become insolvent, or flee without paying). Participants can only form prediction contracts if they possess WGR to do so. By contrast, some traditional bookmakers offer high-risk loans to people who can ill-afford to make good on them, subjecting bettors to potentially brutal consequences. Bookkeeping for traditional sports betting can be lucrative for bookkeepers. Centralized bookkeeping practices are intrinsically risky for bettors (who risk loss of funds due to bookkeeper insolvency, regulatory shut down, or theft). Centralized bookkeeping practices are potentially risky to bookkeepers, too: even bookkeepers that comply with relevant governmental authorities and laws risk arbitrary regulatory enforcement (including unpredictable changes to regulatory regimes), and are vulnerable to hack and theft attempts, while illegal bookkeepers risk criminal prosecution and are subject to potentially violent competition and retaliation. Nevertheless, because bookkeeping can be lucrative, centralization tends to incentivize progressive concentration of wealth and power, leading to potential corruption among both legalized and criminalized bookkeepers. WGR¡¯s decentralized network distributes power and authority, and allows participants, especially Oracle Masternode operators, to enjoy the rewards of sustaining the WGR network without concentrating wealth and power in ways that intensify the risk of excessive centralization and corruption. The ICO, itself, with roughly ten thousands of participants, facilitated broad initial distribution. Subsequent trading and use of WGR further advances the breadth of its dispersal. #Regulatory environment Regulation of sports betting is a regional patchwork. In some localities, sports betting is unregulated. In some localities, sports betting is legal only under conditions of government licensure. In other settings, sports betting is prohibited. Because of this patchwork, and because the WGR network is decentralized, WGR does not have the capacity to enforce regulations. WGR (like Bitcoin, DASH, and Augur), is a decentralized blockchain technology. WGR is not (and cannot function as) a multinational governmental regulatory enforcement authority. The uses to which WGR participants living under various governmental regimes the WGR blockchain is beyond the scope of the WGR blockchain responsibility. Similarly, Bitcoin and DASH do not and cannot control the uses to which participants put those digital tokens, assets, and blockchains. Since sports betting is regulated at a local level, the WGR network is agnostic about the use of the WGR token for prediction contracting purposes. WGR does not endorse, condone, or promote violation of local laws. The developers of the WGR network, rather, encourage due diligence on the part of the userbase to research and understand local law as it applies to participating in a blockchain network. #WGR blockchain specifications and coin code Network transaction fee: 0.0001 WGR for normal transactions Prediction contract fees range from 2% to 6%. The WGR blockchain source code will be released as open source upon launch: https://github.com/wagerr Estimated total coin supply is 200,000,000, but, like the Ethereum network (and the ETH token), there is no cap. The systematic destruction of transaction fees, however, is projected to have a moderating influence on the total coin supply. #Comparative analysis For a comparative analysis of Wagerr with other blockchain projects engaged in sports betting, forecasting markets, and prediction contracts, please see the linked chart:
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