104 CryptoPunks have been locked and fragmented in Fractional

TokenInsight news, on August 29, Twitter user 0x650d tweeted that the price of the CryptoPunks floor has soared to 142 $ETH and the gradual entry of large institutions has caused the threshold for retail investors to purchase CryptoPunks, so he decided to fragment The 104 cheapest "floor" CryptoPunks purchased 3 weeks ago into 1 billion ERC20 tokens: $FLOOR. -Fractional details link: https://fractional.art/vaults/0xB35ED5c39f371F2cd4Bc2eDaB1f8DA314168186A -Details of 104 CryptoPunks on Opensea: https://opensea.io/0xe88043340dED9ECD88dba5a1aAD85B6ad7B886bD According to the content of its tweets, 30% of $FLOOR will be placed in the Uniswap V3 liquidity pool to provide traders with sufficient liquidity. 0x650d also expressed the expectation that professionals can construct a certain CryptoPunks perpetual contract swap product.


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