Acala Release Roadmap, $ACA to be distributed within the first 4 weeks of Genesis

TokenInsight news that Acala has officially won the first parallel chain slot auction on Polkadot, marking the first time the team can add its custom layer1 network to Polkadot's relay chain starting December 18, 2021. the Acala team released a roadmap that 1. $ACA tokens to be distributed within the first 4 weeks of creation. 2. Liquid Crowdloan DOT (LCDOT) will be distributed within the first 4 weeks of creation and unlock the full amount. LCDOT holders will be able to take advantage of their potential $DOT liquidity once token transfers and DeFi protocols (such as aUSD Stable Coin and Acala Swap) are enabled. 3. 2 million + $DOT rewards from the Build Acala campaign will be transferred to the Acala vault within the first 4 weeks. the DAO will enable self-sustainability and growth of the Acala network, all managed and administered by the Acala network owners. 4. Token transfers on Acala will be enabled in the first quarter. This will allow users to transfer tokens such as $ACA and $LCDOT between accounts. 5. NFT rewards will be distributed in the first quarter of 2022.


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