Arbitrum Launches Permissionless Solution for Developers to Build Layer 3 Chains

Arbitrum Launches Permissionless Solution for Developers to Build Layer 3 Chains

The Arbitrum Foundation has launched a new permissionless solution called "Arbitrum Orbit" that allows any developer to build a Layer 3 (L3) blockchain using the Arbitrum technology. With this announcement, developers now have access to Arbitrum's full suite of market-leading technology and can customize it to their needs.

Arbitrum Orbit strengthens and grows the Arbitrum ecosystem by providing a clear and simple path for developing new Arbitrum applications and launching new Arbitrum chains. Developers building L3s on top of an existing Arbitrum chain are granted a free and perpetual license that allows them to customize and modify the Arbitrum source code as they see fit. The Arbitrum DAO can grant even more permissive licenses, ensuring that the community is in full control over the future of Arbitrum and its technology.

In addition to attracting new developers into the Arbitrum ecosystem, this initiative also encourages innovation within the community by enabling a wider variety of chains to be built with technology that has proven to have the security level of Ethereum. Arbitrum Orbit L3 chains will support the upcoming release of Arbitrum Stylus, which allows developers to use the C, C++, and Rust programming languages for their chains, in addition to Solidity and other EVM languages.

Steven Goldfeder, CEO and co-founder of Offchain Labs, said:

"The launch of Arbitrum Orbit marks another step in the goal of growth through ecosystem expansion by way of onboarding new developers. Arbitrum is already the technology stack of choice for Ethereum smart contract developers, but with today's announcement, developers now have another tool allowing them to not only build their own smart contracts but also launch their own L3 chains leveraging the best technology available. I'm excited to see the next wave of innovation that Arbitrum Orbit will enable."


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