Babylon Proposes Integration with Osmosis to bring Bitcoin Security to Cosmos

Babylon, a project that enables Proof of Stake (PoS) chains to leverage Bitcoin security, has proposed a three-phase integration with Osmosis. The integration will enable Osmosis to use the security of the Bitcoin network, offering benefits such as fast stake unbonding and extra security for high-value transactions.

In phase 1, Osmosis will connect to the Babylon network without requiring any code changes. In phase 2, the Babylon team will design and develop an Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) application module that automatically decides the latest headers finalized by Bitcoin and automatically detects any forking attacks. Phase 3 will be specified and voted on by the community in future governance proposals.

150+ people from both communities have already signed up to support the integration, which will be reviewed and tested on Osmosis testnet first before separate governance proposals are submitted for mainnet integrations.

Voting for the first phase of integration is currently underway.

Osmosis is a blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK and is designed specifically to support automated market maker (AMM) applications.




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