Boba Network Will Launch WAGMI Incentive Program

TokenInsight news, Boba Network announced that it will launch a "WAGMI" incentive program for Boba Network builders in partnership with UMA Protocol on February 1st. The program will support projects deployed on Boba by allowing them to offer additional rewards to users in the form of "WAGMI Options". WAGMI Options are "KPI Options" (Key Performance Indicators), which reward users based on their performance on Boba Network in one month. After the options expire, users can exchange their WAGMI Options for $BOBA tokens based on their network metrics (such as number of active wallets per month or project-specific TVLs) for that period. WAGMI Options have three phases: accumulation, settlement and redemption. In the accumulation phase, users have one month to earn $WAGMI tokens by using the DApps that participate in the program. During the settlement phase, users will have to wait one month, as Boba Network's KPIs determine the amount of $BOBA that can be redeemed for $WAGMI tokens. After the settlement date, the options can be exercised on Boba Gateway by pressing the "Claim" button.


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