Celsius Network Lost at Least 35,000 $ETH in Stakehound Key Blunder

Crypto-lending platform Celsius Network has lost at least 35,000 $ETH in the Stakehound private key loss incident. Of that total, Celsius Network sent 35,000 $ETH to Stakehound in a single transaction on February 2, 2021, and Celsius wallets are known to currently hold at least 42,306 Stakehound stETH in total. At today's $ETH price, the loss is approximately $71 million. Currently, Celsius has not disclosed this information to its customers. Previously, Stakehound, an Ether 2.0 pledge solution, announced on June 22, 2021 that it had lost over 38,000 $ETH of private keys deposited on behalf of its customers. stakehound blamed the loss on the hosting provider Fireblocks and sued the company in an Israeli court. As of now, the issue has not been resolved.



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