Eden Network Launches Roadmap to Update Token Economic Model

TokenInsight news, the Eden Network, an Ethereum-first trading network, announced the launch of its three strategic goals and roadmap for the future. The three strategic goals include upgrading the token economy (further tokenized daily transaction traffic), improving the security and transparency of transactions, and optimizing block formation. Eden's roadmap for the future specifically includes. -Introducing SEV (Staker Extractable Value) to reward Eden network pledgers and update the pledge and token economy models. -ETH 2.0 BFAAS, Block Formation as A Service, which will allow the Eden Network to run on ETH 2.0 without the need for a custom client. -Block Browser upgrade, which adds functionality and content and improves network transparency. In total, the Eden Network currently has over 3,000 pledgers and over 4.5 million $EDEN pledged. Since the launch of Eden online, over 200,000 $EDENs have been destroyed.


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