FatMan: Report of Terra's Collapse Being Inside Job Is Not True

Member of the Terra Research Forum FatMan tweeted that previous reports from CoinDesk Korea that the Terra crash was an inside job were not true. The article concluded that Terra's Binance account (that got an initial deposit from LUNC DAO) is linked to Wallet A, the Curve UST dumper, because it also transacted heavily with LUNC DAO. But they ignore the fact that that is not LUNC DAO's wallet, but KuCoin's hot wallet. The two addresses cannot be linked simply because they accept KuCoin money, which only proves that they are both KuCoin users. Previously, according to CoinDesk Korea, the wallet, which caused a fatal blow to Terra and was pointed out as an attacker, was actually managed by Terraform Labs. It means that Terra's collapse was possibly caused by internal actions. It's said that the Korean prosecutors have confirmed the situation and are investigating it.


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