(Highly likely)3 Arrows Capital is the one who bought 100+ CryptoPunks yesterday

According to Twitter @MichaelTant3's speculation and TokenInsight's query, it can be found that the address that purchased more than 100 CryptoPunks in bulk since yesterday belonged to Three Arrows Capital (3AC). In addition, Three Arrows Capital also paid Mining DAO (Ethereum Block Production Protocol) 5 ETH as a handling fee to pack multiple transactions into one block, and one-time settlement is used to prevent Front Running. (TokenInsight: It may also be afraid that the packaging time of multiple blocks will be too long to affect the market price). The transaction hash of the 5 ETH fee is: 0x8772900a449d84e678a56e82c426d484783f80dc1cf060a523abb5973ee6368f. And the transaction set is packed into a block with a height of 12924823, and then packed by F2Pool Old. The second wave of CryptoPunks purchased also paid a fee of 5 ETH, and the transaction hash was: 0x4d6329994bdc800c856065e70a9dc727598f5340731a970d719ebbc50129358b. Most of the second batch of transactions were packaged in a block with a height of 12930046. This information is inferred through Twitter, Nansen, and Etherscan and has not been officially 100% certified. Therefore, although the possibility is extremely high, there is also the possibility of error. Readers are asked to distinguish.


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