Illuvium is Preparing Land for Sale and Launching Staking V2

Illuvium Is Preparing Land Sale and Staking V2 RPG Ethereum game Illuvium is preparing the land sale of its mini game, Illuvium Zero, and staking v2. Illuvium Zero is a 3D isometric city building game developed using Unity. It is getting closer to its Alpha release. 1. Land Sale Players can mint land to play in Illuvium Zero. The land sale will be hosted in the IlluviDEX. The community member and co-founder of Illuvium Aaron Warwick revealed a draft about parameters for the land sale. The land sale details are shown as follow: - Total for Sale: 100,000 plots, First Sale: 20,000 plots - 5 Tiers and 7 Regions - The lands were minted as NFTs on Immutable blockchain once purchased. The contract will generate a random seed which used to deterministically generate the site details and landmark details which comprise the land plot. 2. Staking v2 The illuvium team has designed a new set of smart contracts that implement additional features, gas optimizations, and fixes. Upgrade process: Staking v1 users will have a two week window prior to v2 launch where they'll be able to execute the upgrade function. During this period yield will be halted in v1 and then when v2 begins yield, it will be given a bonus to cover the 2 week period of no yield from v1. Main Changes: 1. all-in-one rewards claiming and unstake 2. Fixes and Gas Optimizations 3. Transfer Positions 4. Upgradeability 5. Flexible staking is being removed in Staking v2



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