Injective Launches Cascade: First Interchain Solana SVM Rollup

Injective Launches Cascade: First Interchain Solana SVM Rollup

Layer 1 blockchain Injective and customizable rollup provider Eclipse partnered to launch the first Solana SVM rollup for the IBC ecosystem, called Cascade.

The integration will bring the Solana Sealevel Virtual Machine (SVM) into the broader Cosmos world, enabling Solana developers to rapidly deploy their Solana contracts and dApps onto Injective.

The Solana Sealevel Virtual Machine (SVM) is Solana’s parallel smart contract runtime. The Solana SVM is capable of parallel processing similar to Injective’s core infrastructure. Effectively this allows tens of thousands of transactions to be processed in parallel rather than being restricted to one transaction at a time.

The Cascade launch consists of a few discrete deployment phases. The Cascade testnet beta will involve an SVM sequencer operated by the Eclipse team. This sequencer receives transactions from Solana wallets and smart contract deployments from the Solana command-line interface (CLI). Blocks produced by this sequencer are then posted to a data availability layer. Under the hood, contributors to Cascade plan to integrate Celestia to serve as the data availability provider in the future.


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