Integral Launches Million Dollar Trading Challenge, 100,000 ITGR Rewards Per Week During Community Pilot

Decentralized derivatives exchange Integral will start trading mining at July 29th, 2021, 12:30 GMT. A total of 10,000 $ITGR Token will be distributed. It must be a community member who has participated in Integral events to have the right to receive rewards. Events specifically include: trading on Integral, liquidity framing, public financing, Gitcoin donations, and Ad Hoc Programs like Chad Resist NFT Auction and Superheroes Contest. Integral is a decentralized derivatives protocol with a token named $ITGR. The total supply is 30,000 in the initial stage, and then was split by 1:10000, and the total amount is now 300 million. The project was publicly funded in the second quarter, with two options: (1) $0.3925, unlocked in a linear three-year period (2) 0.9224, unlocked in a linear six-month period. There are no additional investment rounds.



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