Interest Rate Swap Protocol Swivel Finance Launches Governance Token $SWIV

Swivel Finance, an interest rate swap protocol, has announced the launch of its governance token $SWIV. $SWIV has a total supply of 100 million, of which 4% is for retroactive community distribution and can now be claimed by eligible users. In addition, the Swivel community has proposed a 1-2 month $SWIV token liquidity incentive program on Uniswap v3, where users can vote on whether the incentive program will offer a pool of $SWIV/$USDC or $SWIV/$ETH funds. Previously, Swivel Finance opened its mainnet on February 10 and trace 4.5% of the total supply of airdrop tokens to community users. Among them, 0.5% is allocated to protected mainnet lenders, 1% to verified community contributors, 1% to Gitcoin alumni Kernel Alumni and mentors, and 2% to Compound, Aave, FEIRari (Fei + Rari) and governance participants in Gitcoin chain. The snapshot time was 8:00 UTC on February 8 and a total of 1,852 addresses were qualified.


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