Korean Social Media Kakao's Public Chain Klaytn Announces Metaverse Roadmap

Klaytn, the public chain of Korean social media Kakao, announced its metaverse roadmap with a focus on technical improvements, development support and governance. Previously on January 10, Klaytn announced that it will be a blockchain supporting gaming and meta-universe projects. On the technical side, Klaytn proposes an Ethernet-equivalent upgrade and service chain expansion plan to support DApps. In terms of development support, Klaytn plans to support end-to-end metaverse facilities, provide an ecosystem browser for accessing and visualizing data, offer a DEX so as to facilitate asset management, and provide an NFT marketplace. Regarding governance, Klaytn emphasizes a transition to decentralization, with the goal of increasing the number of participants in the DAO Governance Board, followed by the development of Klaytn Core by the DAO.


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