Lido will Integrate with Polygon and Release Lido for Polygon

TokenInsight news, Pledge agreement Lido will integrate with Polygon and release Lido for Polygon in two phases from next week, enabling users to pledge $MATIC tokens. Phase I will start next week, with only one node operator (Shard Labs), and the submission limit of $MATIC tokens is $10 million, controlled by 3 / 5 multi signature account control protocol. The target release date of phase II is March 1, and the ceiling of $10 million will be lifted. The application of node operators will be evaluated by Lido node operator governance team. After the evaluation application, the proposed operator candidate list will be sent to DAO for approval, and the protocol control will be transferred from multiple signatures to Lido DAO. After the release of V1, it is planned to expand to more defi protocols and exchanges. Lido and Polygon will also provide incentives in the form of $LDO and $MATIC tokens to promote integration and launch the $stMATIC utility.


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