Metaverse NFT Project Sipher Opens Public Offering at 10:00 Today

TokenInsight news, metaverse concept game project Sipher is an adventurer NFT game, will be issued a total of 10,000 NFT. The public offering will start at 10:00 Beijing on September 9 and last 48 hours, of which the team will keep 500 NFT. In addition, the short-term congestion on the Ether network caused by the Sipher minting has led to a gas fee instant median of 2,490 gwei at 10:00 today, with SipherNFT sales accounting for 44% of network usage. Sipher's Traits are divided into 3 categories: Appearance, Subspecies, and Abilities. Rare subracial traits are BioZ (1,500), Cyborg (1,000), or Cosmic (500). Each NFT will have 5 different expressions, with more to come in the future. Randomly equipped with rare costumes and weapons, allowing adventurers to assemble unique combinations of rare costumes. Costumes will determine attribute bonuses, while weapons will determine the level of that character.



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