Moonbeam Wins Polkadot's Second Parallel Chain Slot and Increases the Crowdfunding Bonus by 50%

TokenInsight news, the official message from the Moonbeam Foundation, is that Moonbeam, an Ethereum compatible smart contract platform on the Polkadot network, has successfully won a second parallel chain slot on Polkadot at around 11 p.m. BST on November 25. Moonbeam is scheduled to go live with the deployment process for Polkadot on December 17, becoming the first fully Ethereum-compatible Polkadot parallel chain. The Moonbeam Foundation decided to add 50 million $GLMR to the crowdfunding rewards pool, bringing the total rewards to 150 million $GLMR, or 15% of the initial Token supply, and giving all Moonbeam crowdfunding participants 50% more than the original rewards. The Moonbeam Crowd has attracted over 190,000 participants, contributing a total of over 35.7 million $DOT (approximately $1.39 billion). As a reward for participating in the Moonbeam Crowd, every 5 $DOT contributed is worth 13.9821 $GLMR.


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