NFT Liquidity Protocol NFTX Launched "Inventory Staking" Feature

TokenInsight news, NFT liquidity protocol NFTX has launched "Inventory Staking" feature, which allows anyone to add their floor-priced NFTs to a vault and stake their position on the Stake page to receive part of the vault fees, helping users earn revenue without taking the traditional risks associated with providing liquidity. At the same time, "Inventory Staking" can be used directly on all vaults deployed on Ethereum mainnet using the NFTX V2 protocol. After staking is completed, users can withdraw (close to) the original amount of NFT from the corresponding vault based on a specific redemption fee. In addition, the allocation of all fees associated with vault activity (i.e. Mint, Redeem, Swap) will be changed to 80% to Liquidity stakers and 20% to Inventory stakers.


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