Over 60,000 OKTs on OKExChain are permanently frozen

TokenInsight news, according to the announcement of the decentralized trading platform KSwap, the machine gun pool project AST encountered a code error and could not redeem WOKT. The machine gun pool locked up more than 60,000 OKT. It is reported that the problem is that there is an error in the AST product code. The participation in emergencyWithdraw should have been pid, which was mistakenly written as amount, and the judgment of if (_amount !=0) was added. In the single-coin mining pool of KSwap, the asset with a pid of 0 is OKT, which makes it impossible to retrieve the asset through emergenctWithdraw. The decentralized public chain OEC also cannot transfer any assets, which will directly lead to the permanent passive lock-up of 60,000 OKT in the AST machine gun pool.
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