Paladin Launches Protocol Token $PAL to be Airdropped to Eligible Users

TokenInsight news, the lending protocol Paladin Protocol announced the launch of the protocol governance token $PAL. $PAL will be allocated as follows: 15.9% will be allocated to investors, 15% to the team, 1.5% to advisors, and 67.6% to the community vault. For the community distribution, a total of 1.108 million $PAL tokens will be distributed, with each initial member (user who contributed to the protocol in Discord) receiving 500 $PAL, 100,000 $PAL will be distributed to early adopters of Paladin Lending, and 1 million $PAL will be distributed to users who have used Paladin Lending in Aave, Compound, Uniswap, and Curve. Uniswap, and Curve governance who have voted or created proposals.



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