Pantera's Liquidity Token Fund Rotates Back into Altcoins from BTC and ETH

Crypto investment firm Pantera rotates back into altcoins from BTC and ETH for the first time since spring.

The firm moved from altcoins to ETH last year "to try to avoid further drawdowns" but has started to rotate back into some altcoins it believes will "outperform ETH over the coming cycle," according to co-Chief Investment Officer Joey Krug.

The Pantera Liquid Token Fund is a "multi-strategy vehicle that typically invests in 15-25 liquid tokens at any point in time" and is "predominantly driven by a discretionary strategy focused on DeFi and adjacent assets." The fund, which has $198 million in assets under management and 13 tokens in its portfolio, is down 80% in 2022.

The Pantera Liquid Token Fund is back up this month, rising some 47% so far this year, the firm said in an investor call.


Pantera Capital


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