PrimeDAO Makes a Token Swap Proposal to the OlympusDAO Community

TokenInsight news, PrimeDAO is currently making a proposal to the OlympusDAO community to trade tokens: they want to trade $500,000 of $D2D (about 0.5% of PrimeDAO's governance tokens, not yet issued) for $250,000 worth of $OHM, and that PrimeDAO will also make an offer to the Balancer and Gitcoin communities with the same invitation. PrimeDAO will provide OlympusDAO with its own full suite of product facilities to help them collaborate with other communities in a collaborative system (Olympus D2D). The main logic is that as OlympusDAO works more and more with other external DAOs, it will be harder for the community to manage on its own, and PrimeDAO will act as an outsourcing agency (in the form of a DAO) to help OlympusDAO negotiate and negotiate with other DAOs in a structured way, ultimately expanding OlympusDAO's community reach. In essence, PrimeDAO is outsourcing the collaboration model as a service. The potential risks are: 1. that OlympusDAO loses some of its autonomy and control, partly because the final project is still subject to the approval of the community's vote holders; 2. that the partners offered by PrimeDAO stand up to quality scrutiny, and if most of them are off, then the overall cost is a consideration; 3. that the partnership is indeed more beneficial for PrimeDAO's side The benefits are clear (brand endorsement, capital liquidity, etc.) and not so clear or superficial for OlympusDAO, and will take time to materialise.


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