Ribbon Community Updates RGP-9 Proposal with New Retroactive History Bonus

TokenInsight news, Structured Product Ribbon has updated its community recommendation on RGP-9 proposal with two new $veRBN withdrawal penalties and historical retroactive rewards. The changes mention that users can now unlock $RBN at any time, subject to a penalty. The penalty is calculated by taking the minimum value between .75 and (time remaining before unlocking)/2 years. If the user has 1 year left on the lockout, the penalty is min(.75, 1/2) = 0.5. So the penalty is 50%. Another clause in the modification proposes to retroactively reward the agreement revenue based on the initial time of the $veRBN lockout. All other things being equal, users who lock their positions at the beginning will be rewarded more than those who come after.


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