Ribbon Finance's Lock-up Volume Reaches 100 million U.S. dollars, and the Income Dividend Exceeds 4 million U.S. dollars

TokenInsight news, Ribbon Finance, an option-based structured product protocol, announced the performance summary of the V1 version in the early hours of this morning. Since April, Ribbon V1 has launched 4 products (ETH Covered Call, WBTC Covered Call, ETH Sell Put Option, Year ETH Sell Put), and the lock-up volume has reached 100 million U.S. dollars, the nominal trading volume of options exceeded US$800 million, and the dividends exceeded US$4 million. In addition, Ribbon officially announced the details of the V2 version for the first time. The improvements of the new version mainly focus on three areas, first, the decentralized smart vault that can automatically select the execution price and support automatic selling rights, rebuild the vault accounting system, and management of the vault parameters, and formally introduce the $RBN governance token. The v2 version of the vault is not yet online.


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