Rollkit’s Rollup Module Make Possible to Run the EVM on Bitcoin

Rollkit’s Rollup Module Make Possible to Run the EVM on Bitcoin

Rollkit, a modular framework for rollups, has announced that it is the first rollup framework to support sovereign rollups on Bitcoin. With the new integration, it is now possible to run the EVM on Bitcoin as a Rollkit sovereign rollup. Sovereign rollups using Bitcoin for data availability are now a reality with Rollkit's new early research integration.

Rollkit is a modular framework for rollups, where developers can plug-in custom execution layers and data availability layers. Initially, Rollkit only supported Celestia as an option for data availability and consensus. Now, Bitcoin is an option, thanks to an early research implementation of a Bitcoin data availability module for Rollkit. In this case, sovereign rollups manage their own execution and settlement while offloading consensus and data availability to Bitcoin.

Rollkit can support custom execution layers, including EVM, CosmWasm, or the Cosmos SDK.


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