Saber Launches First Soluna Pool, solUST-UST (Wormhole) on Solana

TokenInsight news, Saber, the decentralized trading platform on Solana, announced the launch of the Soluna cross-chain protocol, the first solUST-UST (Wormhole) pool on Solana. The protocol allows anyone to forward their interest-bearing assets deposited on Anchor (Terra blockchain) to the Solana blockchain and the process is done using Wormhole without any permission. Always redeemable for TerraUSD, SolUST is an Anchor dollar pegged to $1 UST. Soluna uses the Pylon Protocol to split the principle token’s interest and redirect it to a community-owned DAO. Then, the yield will be distributed to DAO members via veStaking on Solana.


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