sudoswap Launches Governance Token $SUDO

NFT trading protocol sudoswap launched its governance token $SUDO. $SUDO holders can start participating in governance.

$XMON holders are able to lock their tokens for a period of 1 month (reduced from 3 months) measured from the deployment of the contracts. Lockers will then receive 10,000 SUDO per XMON. Early trade pool sudoAMM LPs and 0xmons NFT holders (before snapshot dates) are also eligible for a SUDO airdrop.

SUDO governs the sudoAMM protocol using an on-chain OpenZeppelin Governor module. Via on-chain proposals, holders can vote on adjusting the fee switch, the addition of new routers, pool whitelisting of external contracts, and addition of new bonding curves.

Addresses with a minimum of 300K SUDO delegated can create on-chain proposals to the governance module. After a voting delay of 2 days and a voting period of 3 days, proposals with at least 2.4M SUDO and a majority of supporting votes can be executed.




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