The Airdrop for the Collab.Land $COLLAB Is Available Now until May 23

The airdrop for the Collab.Land $COLLAB is available now until May 23

Collab.Land has started distributing its token, $COLLAB, on Optimism in the form of an airdrop.

The retroactive distribution of $COLLAB will make up 25% of the total supply, while the DAO Treasury will hold 50%. Collab.Land’s core team, investors, and partners will hold the remaining 25% of the total supply, according to the company's website.

Four parties will be eligible to take part in the airdrop of $COLLAB: verified community members on Discord or Telegram, Collab.Land’s top 100 Discord communities, Collab.Land Patron NFT holders, and Collab.Land Membership NFT holders.

The token, which is primarily for governance and use within the Collab.Land ecosystem, will allow community members to govern the platform and vote on feature requests, offer bounties, curate the marketplace, and more.

Please see for details on how to get the airdrop.




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