Tracer Will Launch Perpetual Pools V2

TokenInsight news, Perpetual Derivatives Protocol Tracer will launch Perpetual Pools V2. V2 version features several updates. 1. From V2, anyone can deploy a custom Perpetual Pools market. You’ll be able to create leveraged tokens that track any oracle feed/s*, with any leverage, that settles in any token. 2. With Simple Moving Average (SMA) pricing users can hold a leveraged token position for long periods of time without getting “rekt” by volatility decay that exists in other leverage tokens and ETFs. 3. V1 needed a minimum commitment of $1000 USDC to either mint new Pool tokens or redeem existing ones. V2 will no longer require a minimum. 4. Tracer's Indices Product is launching soon after Perpetual Pools V2. It enables Pools to track exposure to multiple assets and data feeds.

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