Two Co-Signers of SBF's Bond Revealed, Both Tied to Stanford

The identities of the other two co-signers of SBF's $250m bond have been revealed. They are Larry Kramer, president of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and dean emeritus at Stanford Law School, and Andreas Paepcke, a senior research scientist at Stanford University.

There're four co-signers of SBF's bond, including his parents. Previously, SBF asked the court not to conceal the names and identifying information of the other two co-signers, while multiple media companies filed a motion to ask for a disclosure. A federal judge granted the motion, and SBF didn't file an appeal.

Larry Kramer said he offered help because of his friendship with SBF's parents. "Joe Bankman and Barbara Fried have been close friends of my wife and I since the mid-1990s. During the past two years, while my family faced a harrowing battle with cancer, they have been the truest of friends – bringing food, providing moral support and frequently stepping in at moment's notice to help. In turn, we have sought to support them as they face their own crisis," he said in a statement.

"My actions are in my personal capacity, and I have no business dealings or interest in this matter other than to help our loyal and steadfast friends."




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