Uniswap removed some assets from the front-end interactive page

TokenInsight news, Uniswap Labs stated that the delisting of some currencies on the front end of this user interaction was due to regulatory tightening considerations. Such a centralized intervention does not mean that Uniswap is no longer decentralized. On the contrary, the Uniswap protocol itself is still decentralized. Users can use other front-end pages to interact with the trading pairs that have been removed (the most commonly used front-end) to complete the transaction. . First of all, users need to be clear that Uniswap does not restrict or remove the currency itself. The Uniswap protocol is a protocol built on the decentralized platform Ethereum, and the protocol itself is decentralized. There are many ways to interact with the protocol. The front-end interface developed by the Uniswap Lab team (also known as the "official website" by users) is the most commonly used way of interaction. Users cannot search for delisted assets on the most commonly used front-ends, but they can still use other methods to complete transactions of these assets. These transaction pairs that were removed from the (front-end page) still exist in the Ethereum blockchain, and liquidity still exists. The specific affected assets are mainly derivatives. The specific affected items include but are not limited to: Tether, Synthetix, Opyn, UNA, Mirror. Specifically, interest rate derivatives assets, such as sBTC, sDEFI, Opyn's option token, and Mirror's synthetic assets.
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