Uniswap V3 Liquidity Mining Protocol izumi Closes $3.5 Million Series A Funding Round

TokenInsight news, izumi, a liquidity mining protocol, has closed a $3.5 million Series A round of funding, bringing its current total funding to $5.6 million. The Series A round was reportedly raised by Mirana Ventures, IOSG, Fenbushi Capital, and individual investors from Nansen, Perp, Chainlink, and Babel. The latest funding will be used to facilitate the launch of $iZi, izumi's native token. The launch of $iZi will take place on 20 December, followed by the launch of izumi's "LiquidBox" platform on 21 December. Izumi Finance v3 NFT Mining offers a liquidity mining (LM) protocol with Uniswap v3 NFT, enabling users to pledge Uniswap V3 LP tokens for additional rewards.


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