Xverse Wallet Makes Inscribing NFTs on Bitcoin Blockchain Accessible Without Requiring Running a Node

Xverse, a Bitcoin wallet designed for Web3, has launched support for Ordinals, a protocol that enables NFTs to be inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain.

According to the Xverse team, users can inscribe NFTs through its software without needing to run a node, download complex software, or use anything else. The process simply involves buying Bitcoin to pay for the transaction fee, which can be done directly through the app.

The inscriptions are made through Gamma.io, a Bitcoin NFT marketplace that recently introduced "no-code ordinal inscriptions." Approximately 5% of Bitcoin inscriptions thus far have been made with Gamma's tool, according to Xverse. After uploading an image and sending a transaction to the Ordinals address, users can find their inscriptions within their Xverse NFT collection in 20 to 30 minutes, with the inscription embedded in the blockchain permanently.

Bitcoin logged its 100,000th Ordinals transaction recently, indicating the protocol's exponential growth. NFTs were not envisioned by Bitcoin's original developers, and their existence has sparked controversy about whether they will benefit or harm the network.





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