2019 CrytoCurrency Annual Report
Feb 11.2020TI Research
    Outlook 2020
  1. The cryptocurrency market will see a stronger move in 2020, coupled with multiple halving events in the space, solidifying the market foundation for a bull market
  2. The 3rd halving should have a limited impact on the price of Bitcoin in the short term but will have a positive impact in the long run
  3. Bitcoin dominance will see a reasonable decline followed by an Alts bull run to distribute the market in a more healthy way
  4. Ethereum will see strong growth in network value backed by DeFi movement, stablecoins and the growth of the Web 3.0 applications
  5. DeFi will continue its pace in 2020 but will start to focus more on the integration of value added components, such as Oracle, DAOs, etc
  6. Non-fungible tokens will see a sharp increase in market interest combining with the current DeFi solutions to bring a unique value to the cryptocurrency ecosystem
  7. Smart contract platforms will still be dominated by Ethereum, others will see a reasonable growth
  8. Lightning network will continue its growth, other secondary layer technologies will also have their own market positions
  9. Privacy technologies will realise some of its value in 2020
  10. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum will see the initial integrations of privacy layers, namely Taproot/Schnorr, Mimble-Wimble Protocol and AZTEC Protocol respectively to enable privacy on 3 of the top 10 projects by market cap
  11. An increasing number of traditional financial institutions will step into the stablecoins market to explore business opportunities
  12. ICO & IEO market will remain relatively dormant, but high-quality projects will spark market interests
  13. STO still will not be the mainstream in 2020, but the market will see decent growth
  14. Following a 28% decline in trading volume in the fourth quarter, the cryptocurrency spot market is forecast to continue to be depressed for the first quarter of 2020, and the spot exchange industry may continue to be pressured
  15. It is expected that the total volume of the cryptocurrency derivatives trading will reach more than twice than spot trading volume in 2020
  16. More cloud mining products will be launched targeting at the broader market
  17. Altcoin mining and staking will gain strong market attention, and mining pools will start to integrate Altcoin PoW & PoS mining and staking to differentiate their services
  18. Filecoin will launch its mainnet in 2020, it is overvalued at least based on the current market condition
  19. Diversified financial products will be launched in 2020, paving the way of fierce competition
  20. The industry will see an increasing regulatory oversight, but most will be healthy and progressive
  21. More central bank digital currency projects will be initiated to explore the potential of blockchain technology
  22. Libra project as a pioneer will most likely be launched. Other will continue the path of Libra even it failed
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