TI Rating Report - STAKE
Apr 29.2020TI Research


  1. The technical structure is reasonable and the consensus mechanism is highly feasible;
  2. It is developer-friendly, excellent code quality, and recent
  3. There are currently 12 validators including well-known projects in the DeFi field;
  4. The token is released at a faster rate, providing sufficient operating
    funds for the project;
  5. Currently, the only sidechain with stablecoins based on Ethereum


  1. Inadequate disclosure of technology and management team;
  2. The threshold for becoming a consensus node is relatively high;
  3. The consensus mechanism still needs to undergo a large-scale
    market test;
  4. The project is still relatively young, and ecosystem construction is


The overall quality of the xDai chain project is high. By using the dualtoken
model (xDai and STAKE) and multiple reward mechanisms to
support the POSDAO consensus protocol, hence the xDai chain can
achieve higher distribution. At present, the most important task is to
enable transparent process around token collateral and speed up the
completion of Phase 2; accelerate the ecosystem construction,
especially to attract more users to enter the ecosystem.


Considering the status and development prospects of the project,
TokenInsight gives STAKE a rating of B with a positive outlook.

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