Five Minutes to Understand the GameFi Program Gold Fever


Gold Fever, a game project built on Ether, will be SHO'd on DAO Maker from Sept. 9 to Sept. 10. This post covers Gold Fever's project profile, Tokens, and other related information as much as possible.

Gold Fever is an Unreal 4-based survival game build on Ethereum. The game is set in the late 19th century, around the gold rush in the volcanic islands of Papua New Guinea. Outside the game, players can play four roles: capitalists, traders, explorers and tribal natives. Inside the game, players will be divided into two camps: the explorers, who seek wealth, and the tribesmen, who defend the jungle. In each game, players will be sent into a 3D virtual world of rivers, jungles, mountains, man-made buildings and gold mines. Each gold mine contains a certain amount of gold, which players have to fight for ownership of within a limited time of the game.

The total amount of gold contained in the gold mines is disclosed to players before the start of the game. The explorer camp gains revenue by finding and digging for gold and bringing the collected gold back to camp alive. While the tribal natives gain revenue by ambushing the explorers and bringing the recovered gold back to the tribe. The NGL token represents in-game gold proceeds, which the holder can sell at current prices on Exchange or swap to ETH with a fixed price in the Gold Fever built-in marketplace.

Capitalists (players with money) can purchase NFT for mining rights with ETH ouside the game. It will cost much less than the total amount of NGL value that the gold mines can produce. Capitalists can charge explorers a threshold fee for access to the map before the game starts, or no threshold but a percentage of the gold proceeds at the end of the game. Any gold that is not mined will remain in the mining rights of the map and can still be hosted by the owners afterwards. Mining rights are the most central NFT of Gold Fever and they represent the way NGL unlock.In addition to gold, the game map contains a large number of collectible artifacts and bonus items. Such as weapons, survival kits, pack animals, etc. Players can collect these NFT items for subsequent use in other games. Or trade with other players by visiting the Rainforest Edge Town Market. Merchants (market makers) can provide players with prop trading and rental services in different simultaneous games. In addition, as players need to move throughout the large map, they will use railroads, aircrafts and other transportation methods. The game encourages players to participate in infrastructure construction and charge fees for using them.

There will be three kind of fungible tokens in the game. In addition to the gold token NGL, there is also the in-game general currency JUL, and the governance token JBR which is regularly airdropped to active players based on an algorithm. Only NGL is aviliable in the token pre-sale at DAO Maker this time, and following shows the expected allocation and unlocking plan. The plans for the other two in-game tokens has not yet been announced. The total mintage of NGL is 170 million. Due to the fact that in-game gold mining behavior is affected by mining rights, the specific unlocking situation may deviate.

The pre-sale will offer 0.45% of the total supply and approximately $105,000 worth of NGL tokens. The cost is $0.145 per token, of which 20% is unlocked immediately and the remainder is unlocked at 20% per quarter.

In March, Gold Fever announced the completion of a seed funding round led by Blue Bridge for approximately $610,000.

In August, Gold Fever launched the Alpha test, inviting active community players to participate in the game trial and allowing them to publish trial videos or screenshots. According to the official whitepaper, the full version of the game will be launched in Q4 2021, 4 of the game's total 20 areas will be launched at the beginning.

Token Information: Gold Fever(NGL)


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