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The best time to find your love, and learn about LOVE. It is Valentine's Day! It is time to find your LOVE. I will introduce a few protocols/tokens that are love related. Of course, some of them are already dead or nearly dead. No investment advice, enjoy your day and night.

Love Coin - $LOVE

Love Coin's mission is to spread 📣 LOVE to the world, Spreading Love in the world. Love Coin was created on the Stellar network.

According to the Love Coin white paper, as a user you can share, donate, and trade LOVE.

  • Share - share LOVE with your relatives, friends, or people you cherish
  • Donate - Donate LOVE to show your love and affection, and donate for a chance to win CASHBACK
  • Trade - Trade to get LOVE, not only LOVE Token, but you also get "love" when you trade

The total number of LOVEs is 7.8 billion, determined by the global population. The purpose of this is that every individual uses a warm heart, so every warm heart deserves a Love Coin.

The Love Coin project was founded on August 11, 2020 at 8:33:32 PM UTC, and according to the project's roadmap, landing on DEX in September 2020 (may be) achieved, with subsequent October on centralized exchanges and November's wallet launch not executed.

The last tweet was posted 2 months ago, and the recent tweets are basically coin prices.

Sounds not that good, right? But it is LOVE, what else are you expecting?


LoveCoinNetwork - $LOVE

The LoveCoin landscape literally looks smaller. LoveCoinNetwork was just founded last September and the project is built on the XRP Ledger blockchain. XRP Ledger is a PoW decentralized public chain, and XRP (Ripple) seems to have nothing to do with it but a similar name.

LoveCoinNetWork's Love Coin total supply is 1 billion.

  • 20% Airdrops and Liquidity Distribution.
  • 13% Partnerships and XAPP Development
  • 12% Gifted to fund, run and operate the Love Coin Network
  • 25% Reserved for Exchanges
  • 25% Allocated to the Creator
  • 2% Family and Friends
  • 3% Donations + Disaster Relief

There are some great videos on the website. To be honest, there is really nothing worth spending time and doing more research. Thus, if you are interested in it, go dyor.


LovePot - $LOVE

Well, another project whose token is $LOVE. It turns out that LovePot has nothing to do with "Love", but it just happens to have "Love" in its name and uses $LOVE as its token symbol.

LovePot is a DEX protocol built on top of BSC. Based on the product design of its website, LovePot is quite easy to find out that it is fork of PancakeSwap.

According to LovePot's whitepaper, the project's mining pool also comes with some gambling features. After a user stake assets into LovePot's pool, they enter a six-day lock-in period. After six days, a user will be randomly selected from all the users and will be rewarded based on some of the parameters of the user's participation in the staking.


Diamond Love - $LOVE

Looks like we have a winner: Diamond Love.

Compared to other LOVE projects, this one seems to be decent and somewhat reliable. The website of Diamond Love is a media, which is actually providing stories and publications! More importantly, it has very limited information about its own LOVE coin on the whole website.

Just providing service!

I call it pure love.

Diamond Love is really doing what it believes: Diamond Love's mission is to bring unconditional love to everyone in the world.

The most ridiculous thing is that the project also has a campaign for Valentine's Day. The campaign gives some of the coin holders the opportunity to multiply the number of LOVE coins they have by ten. Seriously, 10 times the $LOVE that you are holding.

All users need to do is fill out a form to participate in the campaign and join Diamond's cross-chain bridge.



Sexcoin is a project for the adult entertainment industry. The main problem that Sexcoin wants to solve is the unreasonable distribution of benefits in the traditional adult entertainment industry.

When I saw this project, I was looking forward to experiencing the product, but unfortunately, Sexcoin's Twitter has not been updated since July 2, 2018, and the official website has not been updated with much information or updates.

Sexcoin is dead.


SolDate - $DATE

SolDate is a social dating app built on the Solana network, and SolDate's Token is DATE, which serves the following purposes.

  • Incentivize users: rewarding users on finding a match.
  • Maintaining Governance: decisions to integrate new features and platform development.
  • Self-sustaining platform: Using DATE to self-sustain the platform.
  • Loyalty program: User reach based on the amount of tokens held.
  • Fuel for NFT marketplace: Minting and Trading NFTs.
  • Swipes and Invites: Controlling basic functions of the platform.

The total supply of DATE is 1 billion, and nearly half of them are mining and matching rewards.


HunnyDAO - $LOVE

HunnyDAO is a fork of OHM on BSC, with its token named LOVE.

Yes, that is it.




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