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Dafi Protocol creates an inflation mechanism linked to network demand to stimulate long-term users and early adopters, while avoiding an oversupply of tokens. The staking of $DAFI can receive a synthetic asset called dDafi (dToken) as a reward, and the amount of the staking reward depends on the current network demand. DaFi helps DeFi project create a synthetic asset, dToken, from its native tokens as the network reward.

  • When network demand is low, the number of dTokens awarded will be reduced;
  • dTokens can be destroyed immediately and replaced with the project’s native token in a 1:1 ratio;
  • As network demand grows, the number of dTokens for long-term users will continue to increase.

Each participant can choose a series of indicators to calculate the demand of its network, including currency price, on-chain trading volume, exchange trading volume, number of nodes, total locked values, etc.

Basic Information

Development Situation

The MVP version is already available, and the staking to get synthetic asset rewards function is expected to be put into service in Q2. Dafi Protocol has partnered with several projects to create a synthetic dToken.

Token Information

The total supply of $DAFI is 2,250,000,000, and the initial circulation is 214,740,000 (9.544%)

  • 22.5%, PE round, price $0.0015
  • 2.38%, strategic round, price $0.0028
  • 2%, public offering, price $0.0033
  • 15%, team, locked for 12 months
  • 20%, staking, unlocked when dTokens are destroyed
  • 12.12%, treasury, 10% unlocked initially
  • 10%, market, 10% unlocked initially
  • 5%, consultant, locked for 12 months
  • 11%, ecological development reserves, 10% unlocked initially

On March 17th, Dafi launched on Ascendex (BitMax).


CEO & Founder: Zain Rana

Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zain-rana/

PE Round: $900,000 in LD Capital, Rrestone Capital, Spark Capital, AU21 Capital, Amplifi, Twin Apex, Polymer Capital, SL2 Capital, Morningstar Ventures, and Moonrock Capital.



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