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DAOHaus is a codeless platform for launching and running Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). All DAOs on the platform use Moloch's open source code as the programming framework. Users can join the established DAO on the platform or create a new DAO by themselves. The types of DAO the platform can support include Guilds, Clubs, Venture, Grants and Products. Guilds are suitable for cooperation between labor and freelancers, and Clubs are suitable for collaboration between friends, Venture is an on-chain venture capital fund, Grants are allocated for community funding, and Products help complete the project.

Basic Information


DAOHaus was established in 2019 and completed the migration to Ethereum Layer-2 xDAI in 2020. On March 15, 2021, the community contributor crowdfunding CCO2 was launched. This fundraising is only open to qualified, that is, all Moloch DAO users and addresses that have participated in activities including The DAO, Aragon voting, etc.; each address is limited to 5000 xDAI, and the sale price of $HAUS is $ 8.88. The fund limit is 1.11 million xDAI, and is reached in 80 seconds. On March 29th, the project will start the $HAUS sale, and at the same time, the tokens for the CCO2 crowdfunding sale will be available for collection.

Token Information

$HAUS is the governance token of the project governance organization UberHaus, that is, it has the governance right of the protocol. The members of UberHaus are DAOs on the DAOHaus platform, but the DAO must participate in the governance of UberHaus by whitelisting $HAUS in its own DAO. The total amount of $HAUS is 1 million, and the initial turnover will be 387,000. The specific distribution is as follows:

  • Warcamp contributors: 6.7%. Warcamp contributors are the initial founding members of DAOHaus;
  • CCO1: 12.5%. CCO1's $HAUS is allocated to the core contributors of the Moloch DAO community who funded the project;
  • CCO2: 10-12.5%. CCO2's $HAUS is allocated to qualified addresses, and the actual raised reached 12.5%;
  • Retrospective distribution: 10.3%. Assign to existing Moloch DAO and its users;
  • UberHaus retention: 60.5%. It will be used for mining, voting rewards, etc.

Team Information

The project was established in the 2019 ETH Berlin Hackathon, with the original intention of improving the user interaction experience of the Ethereum project sustentation fund Moloch DAO. The details of the initial team members were not disclosed, but according to the information on the distribution of the tokens disclosed by the project, the core members of the Moloch DAO community have contributed to the establishment of DAOHaus.

Financing Information

No financing from investment institutions, the initial funding was contributed by the Moloch DAO community.




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