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Recently, the explosive popularity of Unibot has sparked heated discussions in the cryptocurrency community, simultaneously driving the vigorous development of Telegram bots. This article will provide a brief overview of various projects related to Telegram bots, categorizing them to help you quickly understand the functionalities of these bots.

Just a short while ago, a Telegram bot project named Unibot swept through the cryptocurrency community like wildfire, swiftly igniting people's interest and sparking enthusiastic discussions. The price of Unibot's token $UNIBOT doubled in price in just over a week, with a peak 24-hour trading volume of nearly $20 million.

Telegram bots are a category of APP running on Telegram that offer users a diverse range of crypto services. These services encompass trading, token deployment, market analysis, and more, catering to the needs of different participants in the crypto space.

As Unibot gaining more and more market attention, numerous Telegram bot projects emerged. It's worth noting that the functionalities of different Telegram bot projects vary, and some bots even offer support for multiple functions simultaneously. Therefore, this article categorizes these Telegram bots based on their core functionalities and introduces select projects within each category, aiming to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the Telegram bots!


Trading bots constitute the largest category, with their primary goal being to assist users in achieving faster trades than decentralized exchanges (DEX), while the project can earn trading fees or taxes in the process. The specific functionalities of these bots can be broadly categorized as follows: swap, private transaction, token tracker, wallet monitoring, and more.


Unibot is a Telegram-based trading tool. Users can initiate trades on Uniswap through Unibot on Telegram without needing to access the Uniswap web frontend, facilitating quick transactions for users. Throughout the process, Unibot charges users a 1% transaction fee.

Unibot stands out from its competitors primarily due to its exceptional speed, driven by advanced algorithms and robust infrastructure. Among the UNIBOT tools available are:

  • A fast buy and sell platform.
  • Mirror Sniper, enabling users to copy the trades of other wallets.
  • Scanner Channel, providing real-time information on newly deployed tokens.
  • Private trading to mitigate "sandwich attacks."
  • User wallet management and token price monitoring.
Unibot Sniper

Unibot was launched on the Ethereum mainnet in May 2023, with 1 million $UNIBOT tokens created at genesis. $UNIBOT token holders can enjoy various benefits, including:

  • A 20% reduction in platform tool usage fees.
  • Access to additional perks, such as reserved premium nodes, leading to faster transactions.
  • A share of the platform's revenue.


XBot is a decentralized trading bot that empowers users to build custom bots using the Telegram bot creation method (Using Botfather), which means users can customize their bots to align with their trading strategies, meeting specific trading needs. XBot offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to configure the bot even for those new to crypto.

Furthermore, XBot provides a comprehensive set of features to enhance users' trading experience. "Swap" allows users to quickly trade tokens on Telegram, while "Sniper" enables precise participation in token sales or presales.

On August 9th, XBot announced the launch of PayPalX Bot, designed to facilitate quicker token transfers and management on Telegram.

Source: Twitter@XbotERC20

$XBOT token is currently launched on the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded on Uniswap V2.


MEVFree is a suite of tools that protects holders and allows them to extract the maximum value on every single trade. The MEVFree ecosystem consists of various components, forming a comprehensive platform to cater to diverse trader needs. Through this integrated toolkit, traders can optimize their trading strategies to maximize their returns. The $MEVFREE token is currently deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

MEVFree emerged from discussions among a dedicated group of traders who shared their concerns about the various challenges they faced in the cryptocurrency landscape. These obstacles included bot invasions in community groups, MEV bots diverting investors' funds, and an overall lack of accessible information and tools to bolster the safety and security of trading activities. In response to these issues, MEVFree was created as a comprehensive platform addressing these pain points. The first product introduced to the public, the MEVFree Guardian, was met with instant acclaim and appreciation from the cryptocurrency community.

None Trading

None Trading is another all-in-one trading bot. Similarly, None Trading provides foundational trading functions such as swap, monitoring, and analysis. However, unlike the previous projects, None Trading is deployed on Discord.

None Trading not only allows users to trade ERC-20 tokens but also facilitates NFT trading. Additionally, the project offers a task system for sniping NFTs and tokens, allowing users to automate the entire trading process through task creation.

The utility token of None Trading, $NONE, is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. It's worth noting that if you hold at least 300 $NONE tokens, you can unlock advanced features of None Trading, gaining access to higher trading fee discounts, priority access to new features, and other privileges.

Source: None Trading Website


As the name implies, these types of bots are primarily designed to assist users in analyzing the current state of the crypto market, aiming to help them make informed decisions. Or they may actively fetch information from the blockchain and analyze it to identify potentially lucrative tokens for investment. It's worth noting that many trading bots combine both trading and analysis functions, as they are integral parts of the token trading process. Here, I'll introduce a few projects with analysis functionalities at their core.


Combustion is a meme coin analysis bot that offers users a comprehensive set of tools for monitoring, analyzing, and discovering Alpha. These tools aim to reduce the research time required for traders to find new tokens.

Currently, Combustion is deployed on both Telegram and Discord, offering two bots: Phate (token analysis) and Cylix (Sniper). The $FIRE token associated with Combustion is launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Users need to hold a certain amount of $FIRE tokens to access the full range of functionalities provided by the bot. Otherwise, they can only use the tools for free for a limited number of times.

Source: Combustion Alpha Bot


AimBot is an autonomous sniper that scrapes the blockchain in real-time and picks the best tokens to invest in. Currently, the project is in its Alpha stage and has only launched some basic features. Users will need to wait for some time to experience the full functionality.

AimBot's design consists of three layers: the Conscious Layer, the Brain Layer, and the Trading Layer. AimBot can summarize and learn from past trading activities for future decision-making. Upon discovering new tokens, AimBot rapidly responds by conducting fundamental analysis within a few seconds. This analysis includes market conditions, gas fees, buying pressure, and more. Once a buying decision is made, AimBot automatically executes buys and sells according to preset strategies, then shares profits among $AIMBOT holders. Therefore, holding a certain amount of $AIMBOT is crucial for users.

AI Dev Bot

AI Dev Bot is an automated Telegram bot that analyzes tweets from CZ, Elon Musk and Vitalik, with its token $AIDEV launched on Ethereum.

Whenever individuals like CZ and Elon Musk publish tweets, the market often sees the emergence of tokens related to keywords in those tweets. Under the influence of FOMO, many traders might hastily enter the market, causing prices of certain tokens to experience rapid surges in a short period. However, there's also a risk of scams or rug pull activities associated with these tokens, making it challenging for traders to differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent tokens.

Source: Twitter@theaidevbot

AI Dev Bot is such a tool that automatically fetches keywords from tweets and deploys secure contracts. By holding $AIDEV, you can quickly receive relevant information about these coins and securely purchase them.

Token Deployment

This type of bot primarily targets token/contract developers. By using Telegram bots, developers can create standardized or customized token contracts more conveniently, streamlining the entire deployment process.


BlazeX is a bot available on Telegram that assists individuals in creating standard or customized contracts, with its token $BLAZEX launched on BNB. With BlazeX's automated token builder, even individuals with little to no coding knowledge can easily deploy their own tokens on the Ethereum or BNB chain. Additionally, BlazeX allows users to customize token economics based on their needs and preferences, enabling customization of token supply, fees, burning mechanisms, and more, which provides users with a high degree of flexibility.

Flash Bot

Flash Bot is a custom token deployer on the Telegram app that is capable of allowing anyone to deploy cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum, BSC and Arbitrum networks. Similar to BlazeX, Flash Bot enables users to create tokens in a matter of minutes and offers the freedom to customize token economics. The bot is 100% customizable and takes care of the entire process of safely creating and deploying a token on the blockchain, as well as providing all the smart contract interactions required for providing and locking liquidity.


Indeed, there is a relatively "special" category of Telegram bots that focuses on building gambling platforms on Telegram to cater to the needs of crypto gambling enthusiasts.

All In Casino

All In Casino is a decentralized casino based on Telegram. The project aims to establish a transparent and trustworthy online gambling platform, breaking free from geographical limitations and allowing more people to participate.

Source: Twitter@allincasinocoin

Currently, All In Casino offers games such as blackjack, roulette, and slot machines on Telegram, with more games set to be launched soon. All In Coin ($ALLIN) is the utility token of the project, allowing players to use $ALLIN tokens for betting. Additionally, $ALLIN token holders can enjoy rights such as platform revenue sharing, fee discounts, and platform governance.

League Bot

League Bot is a Telegram bot designed for sports betting, offering a fully decentralized experience. Its native token, $LEAGUE, is launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Apart from betting on sports events, the platform also plans to support betting on major events like political occurrences in the future. Additionally, League Bot integrates AI tools to assist players in analyzing optimal betting choices.


Apart from the aforementioned relatively mainstream bots, there are also some bots designed to fulfill specific needs. Here, I'll briefly introduce a few interesting projects.


LootBot is a Telegram bot designed to streamline users' airdrop participation. Users simply need to preset a few simple parameters, and the bot will automatically interact with the corresponding project/protocol. Users can also check the progress of airdrop mining, rewards received, and upcoming airdrops on the dashboard at any time.

Source: Twitter@lootbot_xyz


GenieBot is an AI-driven Telegram bot designed to offers a simple and reliable way to answer users' questions about specific crypto projects. Users only need to provide the project's official website or whitepaper, and the AI bot will automatically extract data from it. Utilizing NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, GenieBot can interpret and respond to various questions, even if the wording is complex or includes uncommon terms. GenieBot's goal is to assist users in better designing their projects.


AggrX is a bot that utilizes the 1inch API to facilitate cross-chain token swaps. The project aims to optimize token swaps, finding the best prices across different blockchain networks while ensuring privacy and security.

Currently, AggrX supports multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Tron, and Polygon, with plans to expand to more chains in the future.

Closing Thoughts

At the current stage, it's difficult to determine whether Telegram bots can sustainably attract user interest and the future development of the industry. In my opinion, if the popularity of the Telegram bot space is merely a result of the FOMO triggered by the success of $UNIBOT in the crypto market, then the hype around this field may quickly cool off. Moreover, with significant homogenization of features among most projects, the rapid popularity of bots could indeed be short-lived. As to whether this will be the case as I've described, we'll have to wait and see.

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