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Arbitrum relaunched its Odyssey after over a year, but there is no airdrop this time.

Arbitrum Odyssey will be relaunched next week.

The original Arbitrum Odyssey was launched in June 2022. However, the event was quickly paused due to network congestion. The relaunched campaign will last 7 weeks beginning Sep.26. Users can collect custom badges after completing missions and exploring 13 projects on Arbitrum One.

Arbitrum stated that there would be no airdrop or reward of any kind in this campaign. Badges are the only things users can collect once they complete a mission.

There are a total of 16 badges, 13 badges from completing each project's mission, 1 badge if you participated during bridge week last year, 1 badge if you used Hop Protocol for bridging, and one final badge if you collect 12 out of 15 badges.

You can access the Odyssey Portal here:

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Arbitrum Odyssey Returns Next Week

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