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Arthur Hayes sees Bitcoin as the currency of choice for AI; Lightning Labs introduces Bitcoin tools for AI, enabling Bitcoin payments between AI agents.

Bitcoin will become the currency of choice for AI, according to an article by BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes, who suggests that Bitcoin's digital, censorship-resistant, scarcity make it ideal for AI. (Massa by Arthur Hayes)

He argues that if AI starts using Bitcoin, it could see two manias merge into one super-mania: on the one hand, people wanting to escape the inflation of the fiat financial system; on the other, people wanting to own a part of the next stage of human-computer evolution. The overlap of these two manias could cause the value of the Bitcoin network to soar.

Meanwhile, Lightning Labs Introduce Bitcoin Tools for AI, Allowing Bitcoin Payment Between AI Agents.

The suite includes LLM Agent BitcoinTools, which allows developers to create AI agents that can hold bitcoin balances, send/receive bitcoin on Lightning and interact with Lightning Network Daemon nodes.

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