Bitcoin Shows No Correlation with All Major Asset Classes | Crypto Daily Digest Oct.18

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Recent research by Galaxy claims Bitcoin can be a hedge asset against global uncertainties for investment portfolios in the long run due to its low or even negative correlation to most major asset classes.

In a world grappling with persistent inflation, currency devaluation, divergent and extreme fiscal policies, growing multipolarity, and other macroeconomic challenges, Bitcoin's unique qualities as a non-sovereign, transparent, and predictable asset shine through. These fundamental properties make Bitcoin an appealing hedge against global uncertainties for long-term investment portfolios.

Historically, bitcoin’s correlation relative to established macro assets, on average, hovers within a +/- 0.30 range around zero. Over its 14-year history, bitcoin has demonstrated very low or even slightly negative correlation to most major global asset classes, including the S&P 500, Russell 2000, MSCI ACWI Index, US Agg Bond Index, Bloomberg Commodities, Gold, and the US Dollar index.

It is these typically low correlations to major asset classes paired with bitcoin’s asymmetric return profile that has enabled bitcoin to demonstrate return-enhancing outcomes when added to traditional portfolios.

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