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During the sixth day of SBF trial, former Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison revealed some shocking inside stories
  • Caroline Ellison, former CEO of Alameda Research and ex-girlfriend of SBF said she felt relieved when his crypto empire started to collapse because it meant she could stop lying.
  • When Genesis asked Alameda for a more updated view of the balance sheet, SBF told Ellison not to show the real situation, but to hide some information. Ellison then prepared 7 different balance sheets for SBF to choose from.
  • When discussing Alameda having borrowed $10 billion from FTX, SBF screamed that it was Ellison's fault, she recalled. "But it was Sam who made all these investments that put us in this situation."
  • Ellison's testimony also involves details of SBF's bribery of Chinese officials.

To read more: the Trial of SBF

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SBF Trial Day 6: Ex-Alameda CEO Testifies in Tears, Revealing Details of False Balance Sheets, Chinese Bribes, and More

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