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A white paper titled: "BitVM: Compute Anything on Bitcoin", Stirring up widespread interest

ZeroSync project lead Robin Linus has released a white paper titled "BitVM: Compute Anything on Bitcoin," in which he states that BitVM enables Turing-complete Bitcoin contracts without altering Bitcoin's consensus rules. It can facilitate almost any arbitrary computation and use that computation to enforce on-chain Bitcoin transactions.

As commented by Bitcoin Magazine Columnist Shinobi: "In short, BitVM will bring arbitrary Turing-complete computation, in an enforceable way, to bitcoin itself – today."

Bob Bodily, the CEO of Bioniq Market, offered his insights via a tweet: “BitVM is a new Optimistic Roll Up + Fraud Proof + Taproot Leaf + Bitcoin Script computing paradigm designed by Robin Linus at Zero Sync. While it offers the core benefit of enhanced programmability on BTC without any upgrade, it’s important to note that BitVM is slower, more expensive, and has more complexity compared to EVM.”

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