Crypto Daily Digest - April 11th

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As Ethereum is gradually transitioning to a proof-of-stake (PoS) modal, Ethereum's first mainnet shadow fork went live. The shadow fork is a way to "stress test our assumptions around syncing and state growth," tweeted Parithosh Jayanthi, an Ethereum Foundation developer. He added that it will also provide "a way to check if our assumptions work on existing testnets and/or mainnet."


  • The first Ethereum mainnet shadow fork will take place today. Source
  • BreederDAO will conduct Token Launch Auction (TLA) on Copper. Source
  • Bancor released the Bancor V3 code and announced the start of the Bancor V3 Bug Bounty Program. Source
  • The most traded asset on Robinhood so far in 2022 is Bitcoin. Source
  • DeFi lending protocol Alchemix launches algorithmic market operator Elixir. Source
  • Binance will perform wallet maintenance on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos and other networks on April 14. Source
  • Coinbase announces suspension of UPI payments to India. Source
  • Oasis, the privacy computing network, will undergo a Damask upgrade today. Source
  • South Korean police have recovered 75% of funds from the 2018 crypto exchange Pure Bit fraud case. Source
  • Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal tweeted that Musk has decided not to join its board of directors. Source
  • THORChain tweets a warning to all holders of $RUNE in the form of ERC-20 to be aware of phishing. Source
  • PeckShield tweeted that the Creat future ($CF) token contract is fundamentally flawed by allowing anyone to drain others' $CF balance. Source
  • Copper hires BofA team to build prime brokerage crypto product. Source
  • Public chain ICON has released Goloop v1.2.4, and validators have to update their nodes by April 13. Source
  • Hong Kong insurer OneDegree reaches agreement with Munich Re. Source
  • The LiteCoin Foundation: DHL US and several other companies plan to support LTC payments this year. Source
  • Keone Hon, former head of research at Jump Crypto, announced his departure and founded Monad, an EVM-compatible blockchain network. Source
  • Bobby Dresser, Director of Product at Github, joined Optimism as Head of Product. Source
  • All "crypto spending" transaction fees for Coinbase Card have been removed. Source
  • 12 companies keep close to $700 million in Ethereum in treasuries. Source
  • Helveteq announces listing of crypto ETPs on six swiss exchange. Source
  • South Korean listed company T Scientific acquires crypto exchange Hanbitco. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • EU limits Russian cryptocurrency deposits to €10,000. Source
  • South Korea's 'crypto friendly' president seeks STO, IEO oversight. Source
  • Russian finance ministry amends bill 'on digital currency,' adds crypto mining provisions. Source


  • ERC721R was officially released, which allowed minters to return the minted NFT for a refund. Source
  • Music Metaverse Anicube announced free NFT airdrop on April 18th, with registration live until 11am on April 15th, KST. Source
  • The Coinbase NFT Marketplace list currently has more than 4 million people on the waiting list. Source


  • Shoot-em-up blockchain game Shrapnel closed $7 million in funding via token sale with Dragonfly Capital and others. Source
  • Sender Wallet, a NEAR eco-unhosted wallet, has closed a seed round of funding with participation from Binance Labs and others. Source
  • TONcoin Fund launches $250 million ecosystem fund to support TON-based development projects. Source
  • Investcorp is seeking funding for its blockchain fund. Source



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