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Crypto Daily Digest - April 14th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - April 14th Source: Uniswap

On April 14, Bitcoin price fell back around $40,000 and Ethereum price fell back around $3,000. Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered to purchase 100% of Twitter stock for $54.20 per share, at a total price of $43 billion. Uniswap Labs launched Swap Widget, allowing developers to embed Uniswap Swap functionality. Axie Infinity marketplace will allow the purchase of Axies and other assets with any token. Ethereum Push Notification Service closes $10.1 million Series A funding round.


  • The 1inch Network expands to Fantom. Source
  • Uniswap Labs launches Swap Widget to allow developers to embed Uniswap swap features. Source
  • Binance will support GXChain ($GXS) mainnet swap and redenomination plan to REI Network ($REI). Source
  • EOS Network Foundation: EOS EVM testnet to launch in Q2. Source
  • DeFi hack mitigation tool Lossless Protocol is live on Ethereum mainnet. Source
  • Chainalysis adds data monitoring support for Cronos chains. Source
  • Solana Lending Protocol Jet Protocol launches governance module. Source
  • closes sponsorship deal with the NFL Dallas Cowboys. Source
  • Ethereum merge will not be completed in June, expected to be delayed by several months. Source
  • Infrastructure Web3Auth partners with StarkWare. Source
  • Elon Musk offers $43 billion to buy 100% of Twitter. Source
  • Sun Yuchen offers $60 per share for Twitter. Source
  • Tether has launched USDT on the Kusama network. Source
  • Terra Eco DeFi Protocol Anchor Protocol to launch on Polkadot DeFi Hub Acala. Source
  • Terraform Labs has donated an additional 10 million $LUNA to Luna Foundation Guard. Source
  • Wallet maintenance extension for multiple networks by Binance until 16:30 UTC 19:30 today. Source
  • Cross-chain DEX aggregator THORSwap launch V2 Beta. Source
  • Ledger users can now connect their devices to Talisman. Source
  • DeFi protocol dForce to be deployed to Avalanche. Source
  • Ethereum Layer 2 scaling network Boba Network will suspend the mainnet to enable new features. Source
  • Tether partners with the Swiss municipality of Lugano to form a working group. Source
  • Digital asset manager Hyperithm launches two crypto funds, respectively denominated in Japanese Yen and Bitcoin. Source
  • Core Ethereum developer Tim Beiko: Will re-run shadow forks periodically to test client-side issue fixes. Source
  • Voting is open on BoringDAO's proposal to "provide rewards for $USDT and $USDC cross-chain users". Source
  • The Wikimedia Foundation announced that it has stopped accepting cryptocurrency donations. Source
  • Nexo launches first card backed by a crypto credit line with Mastercard and DiPocket. Source
  • Cosmos-based DeFi protocol Crescent Network is now live on mainnet. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • Brazil's Senate announces the imminent approval of the "Bitcoin Law." Source


  • Axie Infinity marketplace will soon allow the purchase of Axies and other assets with any token. Source
  • Rarible Protocol has integrated Solana NFTs. Source
  • Virtual Real Estate Platform Metaverse Group Has Acquired Decentraland Music District. Source
  • 'Jack Dorsey's First Tweet' NFT went on sale for $48m. It ended with a top bid of just $280. Source
  • 'Fan Token' platform Socios signs 13 NFL teams. Source
  • BlockSec: NFT project The Armors's discord was hacked. Source


  • Ethereum Push Notification Service closes $10.1 million Series A funding round led by Jump Crypto. Source
  • Skynet EGLD Capital Fund raises $40 million to invest in the Elrond ecosystem. Source
  • Animoca Brands to acquire gaming company Darewise Entertainment. Source
  • Ava Labs raising $350 million in funding at $5.25 billion valuation. Source
  • P2E game Legends of Elumia closes funding round led by Alameda Research and others. Source
  • P2E handheld game Blast Royale closes $5 million seed round led by Animoca Brands and others. Source
  • Crypto recurring payments company Loop closes $4 million seed round led by a16z. Source
  • Web3 wallet tracking app Context closes $19.5M seed round with Dragonfly Capital and others. Source
  • Blockchain game development and publishing platform Firework Games raises $1 million from Animoca Brands. Source
  • Digital asset security company Dfns closes $13.5 million seed round with participation from Coinbase and others. Source
  • Coinpanion increases seed round to €5.5m. Source
  • Reputation DAO raises US$4.75M to build reputation scores and increase access to DeFi. Source
  • Crypto liquidity aggregator FLUID raises US$10 million. Source
  • PolySign announces the acquisition of MG Stover, a digital asset fund manager, and the completion of its Series C funding round. Source
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